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Trainer Network Officially Launches at Idea Fit World

Trainer Network launches at the prestigious IDEA Fit World Convention held in Las Vegas. With over 10,000 in attendance and surrounded by fitness influencers from all over the world, the launch was a resounding success.


Quarterly: $1250

Most Clients in Your Downline.

Every 3 months, we compile the data to see who has the most clients in his/her downline. Winner receives $1250.

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Quarterly: $1000

Trainer(s) of Transformation Winners.

Every quarter, Trainer Network hosts a transformation contest, with 1 male and 1 female winner. The trainer(s) who..

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Monthly: $250

Most New Clients for the Month.

Every month, we compile data to see who has signed up the highest number of clients in his/her self-tier. Winner ...

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